Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.
Ad One helps companies expand their business in China. Increasing your online presence in the world’s largest internet market.
Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.


WeChat Marketing
WeChat Account Setup
WeChat Account Setup
  • Account Setup
  • Account Verification
  • Menu / Welcome Message / Keywords Autoreply
  • King of Social Media in China
  • Reach 650m Monthly Active Users Gobally
  • Powerful Marketing Functions
WeChat Minisite Setup
WeChat Minisite Setup
  • Create a Full Page with Strong Visual Impact WeChat Minisite to Align with Your Corporate Visual Identity
  • Website Localization That Suits Chinese Audiences' Tastes and Preferences
WeChat eCommerce
WeChat eCommerce
  • Start Selling to Millions of Chinese Customers
  • Well Displayed Products and Easy Check Out Functionality with China Mobile Payment Gateway
WeChat Creative Content Writing and Broadcasting
WeChat Creative Content Writing and Broadcasting
  • The Ad One Team Research and Write Creative Articles and Stories Cater to Chinese Target Audiences' Tastes and Preferences
WeChat KOL Broadcasting Service
WeChat KOL Broadcasting Service
  • Reach Targeted Audiences with Key Opinion Leaders with Large User Base

WeChat is one of the fastest growing mobile app in China with currently over 500 million users. The marketing opportunities brought by WeChat are immense! It will have great potential for brands to seek business growth in China.

WeChat is the new king of Chinese social media. Many marketers consider WeChat as a unique tool to engage the fans and customers of their brands. The unmatched social platform and tremendous marketing opportunities of WeChat are highly pursued. More companies are now developing distinctive profile on WeChat to enhance brand exposure.

WeChat is now the primary source used by Chinese consumers to follow and interact with their favorite brands,how do we get on WeChat? Contact us and get your WeChat official account. Time is change, don’t miss this new opportunity.

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What is WeChat Marketing

WeChat is now the primary source used by Chinese consumers to follow and interact with their favorite brands,how do we get on WeChat? Contact us and get your WeChat official account. Time is change, don’t miss this new opportunity.

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WeChat Account Registration

WeChat official accounts continue to increase in importance and effectiveness in brands' marketing strategy in China. There are 3 types of official accounts:

  • Wechat Service Account
  • Wechat Subscription Account
  • Wechat Enterprise Account

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Unless you are China citizen or working with us, getting the China WeChat official account will be impossible because the WeChat official account require a legal Chinese entity, a China Residence ID & a China mobile phone number. Foreign company need to work with a trusted partner who has a Chinese entity and is willing to apply for an official WeChat account on your behalf.

We provide official account registration and one stop account management services for our clients. Contact Us today to learn more about how WeChat official account can contribute to your business! We will give you the best solution.

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WeChat Account Type Difference


A WeChat Official Account is a great way for a company to generate brand awareness. Creative content of high quality is necessary to attract audiences. The WeChat official account allows brand broadcast the message like twitter. Through a WeChat official account, a brand can post media content like text, photos, videos and audio messages to their WeChat official account followers. Individuals can follow the WeChat brand official accounts either by scanning a unique QR Code or by getting someone within their WeChat network of people to share the account.

Many companies are using the WeChat as the marketing tool to promote themselves. Give your customers new ways to like you and build that brand loyalty with WeChat promotions and activities.

In order to succeed with WeChat, we help brands define their communication objectives and always we always keep this front and center. Customers do not want to listen or read spam / static marketing, therefore brands need to engage in an open dialogue with customers and make all advertising, consistent, relevant and exciting.

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WeChat Mini Site
WeChat Mini Site have all the content you desire right in the palm of your customers and interact with them like never before.

WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are other WeChat accounts which are influential in their specific niche and which are willing to talk about a certain brand in exchange for money or other perks.

Broadcast Message to Followers
We help company design the WeChat broadcast message. We have pretty innovative ways to get your WeChat followers to share the love of your brand with their friends.

WeChat Welcome Message
Every new follower will get the welcome message once they follow a brand's account. You need to come up with a nice welcome message for your target customers.

WeChat Message Auto-Reply
Reply the users with pre-set message when they send message to brand's account.

WeChat Keyword Auto-Reply
Brands can use "Keyword Auto-Reply" for some special activities, user survey, or the situations the brand need.

WeChat Membership & Direct Communication 
We help convert followers into members by using WeChat membership functions. We help manage the customer relationship in a more personal and interactive way through collecting customer feedback, post-purchase communication and direct messaging with followers etc.

WeChat Interactive Menu
We help brands defined Interactive Menu. We help followers to know how to interact effectively with your WeChat account.

WeChat Location Search
Your WeChat followers can now find your locations right within the WeChat app. So whether you have stores or want to promote designation areas, we can do it all in WeChat for you.

WeChat Advertising
Verified WeChat Account is eligible for place advertisement in other related verified accounts with over 100,000 followers. Advertiser can target specific audience by gender, age and location. We help put advertisement in the China WeChat Official Accounts.

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WECHAT Ecommerce / mcommerce

We help businesses setup and manage the WeChat online shop:

  • Product upload
  • Products management
  • Order management
  • Product display management
  • Customer complaint management

In the current online environment Chinese consumers are willing to pay for services and content on their mobile. As a result, WeChat is now incorporating payment options allowing users to buy items from directly from official accounts with just one-click. The integration of online payment processing and a platform delivering brands opportunities to interact and engage their consumer base, has the potential to revolutionize and optimize the consumer experience and be a major boon to brands across the world.

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wechat mini games

Followers need some motivation to be ardent followers of your brands. For this, you need to offer incentives like promotions, prizes, pictures and entertainment etc to entice engagement and entice followers.

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What is WeChat Pay?

WeChat Pay is a payment feature integrated into the WeChat app, users can complete payment quickly with smartphones. WeChat has Quick Pay, QR Code Payments, In-App Web-Based Payments, and Native In-App Payments, all to fulfil the full range of scenarios your customers expect to fulfill different payment situation. Combined with WeChat official accounts, WeChat Pay service explores and optimizes o2o consumption experience, provides professional internet solutions for physical business. It is the best choice of mobile payments.

Cross-border Settlement
Supports settlement across major foreign currencies. Customers pay in CNY, but the transaction is settled in a foreign currency.

Multiple Payment Methods
WeChat can handle all the ways your users want to pay, whether it is via Quick Pay, QR Code, In-App Web-Based, or Native In-App Payments.

Quick Pay

Quick Pay

Vendors scan the QR Code shown by customers on the Quick Pay page to finish transactions quickly.

QR Code Payment

QR Code Payment

Vendors creates different QR codes for different goods. After users scan these codes, they can see related product information and transaction guides on their phone.

In-App Web-based Payment

In-App Web-based Payment

Vendors push product messages to their followers via Official Account. With WeChat Pay enabled, their followers can purchase products on the shopping page.

In-App Payment

In-App Payment

Vendors can integrate WeChat Pay SDK into their apps. When users make payment in other apps, WeChat will be authorized to process the payment. Once the transaction is done, the page will redirect to the other app.

WECHAT APPs development

We have an expert team of WeChat developers and we can build you a WeChat in-app application offering your consumers a new and innovative way to engage with your brand. Whether you want a hotel booking system, online market place or a better platform to inform your consumers about your brand and products while providing a high level of CRM, we have you covered!

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Highlight – Wechat

Highlight - WeChatHighlight - WeChat

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