Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.
Ad One helps companies expand their business in China. Increasing your online presence in the world’s largest internet market.
Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Advertising
Twitter Advertising
Linkedin Advertising

In this new information era with different kinds of information sharing/exchanging channels, the potential of social media in advertising become unlimited. Experience sharing from one customer via social media drives a big change in sales. Companies are now more likely and willing to spend on social ad in response. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are filled with millions of consumers, utilize these media in your digital marketing plan and you will be surprised by its effect.

The trend of increasing numbers of small enterprises will bring a lot more opportunities in social media advertising too. It is time for you to increase your social media exposure and bring your business to another new stage.

Ad One is currently managing a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Foursquare etc. We are experienced in designing campaigns for each customer to accomplish their goals including the following:

  • Drive relevant reach
  • Increase the numbers of fans & followers
  • Drive offline engagement i.e. face-to-face & public interaction
  • Increase social content reach
  • Create loyalty
  • Drive site visits
  • Boost brand visibility

Social Advertising Management

Social Media Management

Ad One believe every client needs a tailor made plan in meeting their specific business goal. We will work together with our clients and provide a comprehensive solution to help growing your audience, boost brand visibility, enhance better engagement and increase conversion rate.

We will run through the following with our clients to come up a tailor-made solution:

Media Planning - Well planning translates into success. We will make our goals clear in the planning stage.

Targeting Criteria - After establishing a solid plan, we will decide carefully on audience parameters, behavioral trends budgets, and develop a hypothesis.

Ad Development - Design an ad that well matches the plan and the agreed criteria with creative and innovative approaches.

Testing - We will run a trial launching to make sure all ad formats on the pre-determined social platforms look and function as it planned, and to determine the optimal approach for execution.

Reporting - We will make our results measurable. A report with ad performance, insights and recommendations for next stages will be provided so the client will have a clear picture on the results.

Facebook Advertising

Faceboook Advertising

Among those media platforms, we would like to highlight the advantage and our expertise in Facebook Advertising. With the trend of people spending more time on Facebook than any other media channels, well manage your Facebook exposure is essential to your business growth. We have a dedicated Facebook advertising service team specialize in building brand awareness and driving site visits from the frequent online socializing consumers. We do extensive analysis and leverage your best content to increase page engagement and drive loyalty and advocacy.

Highlight – Wechat

Highlight - WeChatHighlight - WeChat

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