Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.
Ad One helps companies expand their business in China. Increasing your online presence in the world’s largest internet market.
Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.

China Social Media

China Social Media Use

Internet and social media platforms play an important role in the daily life of Chinese consumers. Social media is a powerful tool to businesses that want to boost their presence in China. China’s social + mobile landscape is massive, complex and wholly distinct from that of Hong Kong and international. As China’s population of Internet users grows – the country is expected to have over 800 million Internet users by the end of 2015 – it’s increasingly important for all marketers to understand what makes the opportunity in China unique.


WeChat Account Setup
WeChat Account Setup
  • Account Setup
  • Account Verification
  • Menu / Welcome Message / Keywords Autoreply
  • King of Social Media in China
  • Reach 650m Monthly Active Users Gobally
  • Powerful Marketing Functions
WeChat Minisite Setup
WeChat Minisite Setup
  • Create a Full Page with Strong Visual Impact WeChat Minisite to Align with Your Corporate Visual Identity
  • Website Localization That Suits Chinese Audiences' Tastes and Preferences
WeChat eCommerce
WeChat eCommerce
  • Start Selling to Millions of Chinese Customers
  • Well Displayed Products and Easy Check Out Functionality with China Mobile Payment Gateway
WeChat Creative Content Writing and Broadcasting
WeChat Creative Content Writing and Broadcasting
  • The Ad One Team Research and Write Creative Articles and Stories Cater to Chinese Target Audiences' Tastes and Preferences
WeChat KOL Broadcasting Service
WeChat KOL Broadcasting Service
  • Reach Targeted Audiences with Key Opinion Leaders with Large User Base

WeChat is one of the fastest growing mobile app in China with currently over 500 million users. The marketing opportunities brought by WeChat are immense! It will have great potential for brands to seek business growth in China.

WeChat is the new king of Chinese social media. Many marketers consider WeChat as a unique tool to engage the fans and customers of their brands. The unmatched social platform and tremendous marketing opportunities of WeChat are highly pursued. More companies are now developing distinctive profile on WeChat to enhance brand exposure.

WeChat is now the primary source used by Chinese consumers to follow and interact with their favorite brands,how do we get on WeChat? Contact us and get your WeChat official account. Time is change, don’t miss this new opportunity.

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WeChat Marketing

China Social Presence

China Social Presence

In such a great landscape in China, social media is an effective and powerful tool for businesses who want to boost their presence in China. China’s social + mobile means are comparatively complicate and different from that of Hong Kong and the global one. As the internet users in China is growing in exponential rate, it is increasingly important for all marketers to understand the unique opportunity in China.

Weibo is the most popular and rapidly growing twitter-like social networking platform in China.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, LinkedIn is not blocked in China. After a recent joint venture with Wechat, LinkedIn just stared its aggressive expansion in to the Mainland Chinese market. This joint venture with WeChat means people can share their WeChat ID on LinkedIn and integrate LinkedIn on their WeChat.

RenRen is more popular among students and teens. It had around 178 million users in 2012.

Kaixin 001
Kaixin is a Facebook-like social network with 113 million users and older generations and white-collar workers are the main users.

Youku-Tudou Video Advertising

China Youku Tudou Video Advertising

Watching and sharing videos through social media is a global trend and it is supposed that this activities happen without territory limit. However, YouTube is actually not working in China territory. Due to this restriction Youku and Tudou has been the main video hosting services within China. Since merger happened and a new company Youku-Tudou established, it is estimated to hold about 60% of the total online video market share in China. Placing ads on this platform is effective for those clients who want to grow their business in China.

WEchat / weibo key opinion leaders (kol)


WeChat & Weibo Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are other WeChat & Weibo accounts which are influential in their specific niche and which are willing to talk about a certain brand in exchange for money or other perks. KOL are a terrific ways to advertise because they are a trusted source of knowledge and advice for their followers. Advertising from KOL can be completely disguised as a product review or “coup de coeur”, or include discounts to incentivize conversion.

Highlight – Wechat

Highlight - WeChatHighlight - WeChat

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