Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.
Ad One helps companies expand their business in China. Increasing your online presence in the world’s largest internet market.
Ad One's mission is providing creative idea and comprehensive solution
to enhance our clients' business growth.

Baidu Search Engine Optimization (baidu SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO services help businesses improve their search engine ranking and drive more traffic to their sites. We can help your site rank higher.

With SEO services from Ad One, our professional consultants will help your site get discovered by:

  • Increasing Visibility in the Search Engines.
  • Amplifying Qualified Traffic.
  • Boosting Keyword Rankings.
70% of search engine clicks come from the organic results.
70% of search engine clicks come from the organic results.
75% of searchers never look past the first page.
75% of searchers never look past the first page.
42% click the top-ranking organic link.
42% click the top-ranking organic link.

Baidu SEO Introduction

Baidu SEO

Baidu is a Chinese search engine, made by Chinese , and use by Chinese. At the beginning, Baidu was better to read the Chinese characters. What is complicated with Chinese characters is that a word is generally a set of 2 characters and there is no space between words. Baidu for a long period of time had one step ahead on its enemy Google, on the language.

Baidu also used that in terms of communication. Baidu understands the Chinese people.

Baidu still has a close cooperation with the Chinese government and respect the rules of censorship. Baidu regularly censored results, pornographic content but also articles which don’t agree with the politic of the government.

Baidu SEO Techniques

  • Host in China: Baidu gives a big bonus to websites hosted in China, Google no.
  • Baidu takes into account the meta description, while Google less (or not)
  • Baidu does not take social links into account (except its own forums), Google will do it more.
  • Baidu will influence with hands some results, while Google not (even if it’s a Google Bombing).
  • Baidu gives a priority to the homepage, Google not so much.
  • Baidu didn’t develop copy Penguin or Panda, now it’s the party of backlinks.

Baidu SEO Strategies

  • You have to have a Chinese logic, have everything in Chinese, hosted in China.
  • A politic of Chinese backlinks only.
  • Be careful on the website, no forbidden words.
  • Be really aggressive on acquisition of links.
  • Set up a limited campaign of Pay Per Click, to get a bonus of Trustrank (yes it exists in China).
  • Try to position yourself on less competitive keywords to get a chance to appear on the first pages (without ads).

Differences between Baidu and Google

Google SEO
Baidu SEO
Page Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Heading Tags
Alt Tags
Internal Anchor Text
External Anchor Text
Quantity of Inbound Links
Quality of Inbound Links

SEO PROcess overview

SEO Process Overview

1. Assign Digital Manager
Experienced in digital marketing, insightful and dedicated to you. Ability to answer technical and market related questions, throughout the life of your campaign.

2. Keyword and Market Research
Complete competitor analysis, market research, and data analysis through in- house tools. Identify highly targeted keywords, customised to your business and marketplace opportunities.

3. Website Optimisation
Review of website copy, within the strategic brief. Examination of technical layering, the backend nuts and bolts including meta titles, tags, page-load speed, site and URL infrastructure.

4. Strategic Implementation
Roll out of the campaign strategy through the application of research analysis, technical optimisation and content development. Real-time performance analysis from our Rank Report tool.

5. Campaign Tracking
Monitoring trend fluctuations, industry changes and search engine algorithm updates. Tweaking the campaign to suit or altering of strategic approach, if necessary. Clear monthly reporting.

6. Build Brand Authority
Remove low-quality and potentially harmful backlinks. Build search engine trust by linking to other relevant, authoritative websites and our trusted industry partners.

SEO Ranking Delivery Time frame

SEO Ranking Delivery Time Frame

SEO Strategies

  • Extensive keyword research
  • Onsite backup
  • Fix canonicals and permalinks
  • Fix internal and external broken links
  • Implement or update sitemap
  • Implement robots.txt
  • Implement Google analytics
  • Webmaster Tools setup, implementation and issue checking
  • Check website for manual penalties
  • Implement Google friendly titles and descriptions
  • Check keyword density
  • Implement high quality content
  • Google+ Local Optimization
  • Check and remove duplicate content and duplicate meta information
  • Create contextual links pointing to target pages
  • Add alt tags to images
  • Industry related contextual links
  • Local business directories

Natural link building that produces long term, sustainable results!

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